May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified throughout the whole world now and forever. Most Sacred heart of Jesus, I put my trust in you. Holy Mary, mother of Jesus, pray for me. St. Jude, helper of hopeless cases, pray for me and grant this favor that I ask.

Change her heart, let he see that her decision was a mistake that I forgive and bring us together. Let her be in love with only me, forsaking all others. After being hurt and abused, I know she has been in a bad place, but I forgive her and want her to be my wife. Please let her break from the lifestyle and people, the materialism. Let her feel the same love that she promised me and I want to give her along with the baby girl we discussed. Have her reach out and change her mind. I just want her to honestly love me and be my wife, just as she said she wanted to be.


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