Dear St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My Faith in your Novenas and Prayers have always provided me with Great Hope but most of
all Trust in God and His Son that no prayers go unanswered. Stay Patient and strong in Belief.

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
In the past I have asked for many favors, this time I ask for a very special one for my older daughter and her boyfriend
who is in Law Enforcement. Please Jesus let his Supervisor grant his Change in Schedule Request from the Night Shift
to the Day Shift. He has worked five years in the Night Shift. And I think he has given his all to his protection as a Law
Enforcer – please Jesus recognize his hard work and sacrifices in this career. Please let him be approved to work on
Day Shift. Thank you so much St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for listening to my Prayer Requests, for being there
for me in my Life and for granting this particular petition. Thank you so very very much for always answering my Novena
Requests and blessing me with 2 beautiful hard-working good daughters.
I give Thanks to you O Lord, my God with all my heart abounding in Kindness to all who call upon you! Again, Thank
You Kindly from the Bottom of my Heart! I love you and my belief in Heaven is unwavering. Amen


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