Dearest Father,
In my life, I go astray and it is normally at those periods where I do not believe. As my term in university is coming to the midterms, I feel that I am losing touch again. Father, if You have the time, may You please provide for me, Lord and grant me an opportunity that I will be able to have success in my studies and especially for all my assessments which will be needed to contribute to my overall marks. Father Most Holy, please be with me and give me a retentive memory and also a great depth of understanding of my subjects. Father, I really would like to transfer out of my course and start a fresh one next year. I really want to be in medicine and follow my dream of becoming a good doctor. Father, if it is my path, please help me to achieve that goal. I promise to serve the poor and also respond well to Your word. Amen.

Saint Jude,
Please dear saint. Please pray for me and allow me to attain good grades this term and be able to fulfill my dream of being someone better. Please allow me to attain my goal and get into medicine school. Please ask the Lord to have mercy on me. Please let me know and see His greatness. Thank you Saint Jude. Amen.


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