Thanking you for the gift of life today. Thank you for my mum who is still recovering. Thank you for my daughter who got visa to study MBA.
Lord, there is still a lot to be done.
I ask for the intercession of St.Jude to interceed for me in all the challenges ahead.
Particularly today, i ask for the grace to handle this Olachi’s case. Give the spirit of the wisdom of speech to be able to defend myself, Lord.
Help me, St.Jude interceed in all my other challenges: My son Uwa, Getting a partner, a companion for myself, destroy the spirit of hatred that people just have for me. Help my sibblings,.interceed for them and their individual families. Also my friends and church member, interceed for them. I pray and thank Pastors Emma and Pastor Deborah for their assistance towards me.
These and many other things I ask through Christ our Lord, with the intercession of St.Jude. Amen.

Lauretta Nekpen Isibor-Guobadia

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