St Jude please continue to send intercession for my application. Thank for those praying for me that he continues consistently, increases. That adds the tridentine Latin mass NOVENA. That the prayers are successful, all to the glory of God’s name alone. Lord hears his our prayers. For him to SURPRISE us regarding my applications. Especially this season of advent/Christmas with miraculous place on the programme.

Surprise us regarding one application I have initially not been accepted that it will change to acceptance that I may believe, for the faith in the power of the intercession of Our Lady to believe she is able to obtain this through the rosary as she promised and through the thousand hail Marys.

For the second application am waiting for grace to recite rosary faithfully and effectively that our lady will take it all the way to success, that she will not let me diwn, that my rosary recitation and trust in our lady s intercession remains consistent and high.


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