Blessed St. Jude, I wish to thank you so much for my brother’s recovery. He was in a bad way, with a severe urine infection and a testicular abcess and was sent into hospital. He had an operation to drain the abcess and was worse afterwards, with a high temperature and in terrible pain. He was put on an antibiotic drip and morphine for the pain. He had a second scan two days later and was told he may have to have another operation and the worst case scenario was that he would have to have his testicle removed. We were both very worried. I prayed daily to St. Jude, Jesus, Our Lady & all the saints, pleading for my brother to recover. The doctor told him today his scan is clear, and no further operation is needed and he may go home with antibiotics to rest. Thanks be to God and St. Jude. He never fails to help us. We are so grateful.

Anne Malone

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