Dear St. Jude, I have prayed to you and requested you to set upon the heart of Jesus my request to heal my son Mike so that he can walk again and return to youth ministry. I thank you so much as he is improving and becoming stronger. I have confidence that he will walk again because of your request to the Son of the Father. And now I bring to you another request. I asked you last week to provide a kidney for a young man. His name is Joshua. I am sure you remember. So I ask you to place my request on the heart of Jesus so he is cured by miracle. I told his father that I am asking you to hear my plea for him. As well I pray that you would ask Jesus to take this request to His Father that our country will be saved from the destruction within, and return to the Christian country that God intended. I pray that wisdom will prevail as we select the best person to lead our country back to the Father. We have lost our way. Thank you, Mary


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