Dear St Jude
Please help me break all witchcraft to find a good job I need financial support to pay bills and groceries. Everything has been blockages and jealousy to make things so difficult. I pray my house to be protected. I am praying for a better love life and to be married to a great guy. I’m praying to gain weight and be healthier. My skin and stomach to be healing and to be stress free. Please help my mom to be healthy, better skin and her stomach to be healed. Please break all the witchcraft that her husband and sisters did to stop her from getting money from her husband to help her out financially.
Please protect my brother from witchcraft jealousy that his father and the father sisters did to block him from graduating college,be healthy, maintain no acne better skin, be happier and find his true love his girlfriend who makes him happy.
Thank you Jesus st Jude you never left my side. I will always cherish and honor you. In Jesus name I pray Amen.


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