I want to thank you so much saint Jude tadeo. About a month ago my son’s wife got the Delta virus she has a baby a 6 month old son . and a 2 year old son. My son was taking care of her the two babies and we were all so worried because he would always visit us. And the whole family. we were scared and praying that he doesn’t get the Delta the virus.thank you saint Jude tadeo I love you he didn’t . I promise to publish you this we were so scared because our family had COVID last year in August it was very hard my husband his step dad was hospitalized had the ventilator for almost a month and we were sick and I prayed to you Saint Jude tadeo you helped us last year also thank you with all my heart for my son not getting the Delta and he was able to take care of two babies his wife in bed sick and we didn’t get it also I love you saint Jude tadeo you help me all the time and my family.


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