Thank You Saint Jude Tadeo for always hearing my prayers when my husband Joe had the covid last August he was on the ventilator I almost lost him doctor told me to prepare for the worst but I was despert scared I prayed to you the first time I asked you saint Jude Tadeo to take the ventilator off him the next day you did your so wonderful the following day I asked you to bring him home saint Jude Tadeo you brought my husband home 2 days later I love you saint Jude Tadeo now it’s April 2021 my husband Joe and I and our son ray has help from my other son to make a appointment to get our covid shots saint Jude Tadeo I was so scared for me and my husband and our son we went and got our first shots my husband Joe got I’ll again I got scared but i didn’t lose him my son ray ok just had a couple side affects me I got flu symptoms thank you for the 3 of us serviving this I love you saint jude tadeo you have never left us and on my desperate time you have helped me so much I promise to publish my story for you I love you saint Jude Tadeo


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