Dearest Mother Mary,
Thank you for listening to our prayers for our beloved Bill. My Mom and I have both made this beautiful novena asking you to watch over Bill and bring your peace into his heart during this time of illness. We pray for Bill’s healing and the grace to follow the will of your Son Jesus always. Thank you for being with my sweet Mom and I as we pray, like our time together with you in Lourdes.
Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel fruitful wine splendor of heaven blessed mother of the son of God immaculate virgin assist me in my necessities of Star of the Sea help me and show me you are my mother oh holy mother Mary of God queen of Angel and Earth I humbly beseech you that from the bottom of my heart to secure me into my necessity say what you need there are none that can withstand your power oh Mary could see without said pray for us who have recourse today say this three times holy Mary I place this prayer in your hands say this three times say prayer for three days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. Thank you, Audrey C. & Joanne C.

Joanne Cala and Audrey Leising

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