I have recently begun praying to Jesus with this prayer: Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favors. This time I ask for this special one (mention it). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within Your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then, in His merciful eyes, it will become your favor, not mine. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favor will be granted. Never known to fail. IT works every time. I am going through a struggle with my teenaged son and there are days where it seems a hopeless battle, but whenever I pray these words to ask Jesus to intervene, He does and the situation improves. The situation I am dealing with is not yet over, so I will continue to speak these words. For now, though, I saw THANK YOU, JESUS for your intervention and constant help. I am trying each day to be the best version of myself I can be, so that my actions and behaviors are pleasing to you and your Father, so that I am worthy of the many miraculous favors you grant me. Thank you thank you thank you, Amen!
Also, thank you St. Therese. Repeating the Glory Be prayer in my mind throughout the day always seems to help gain me your favor. You are a friend forever and I am so appreciative of that. AMEN!


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