Dear Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for your continued support and intercession. I have been praying for your intercession numerous times and you never failed to answer my prayers. Please continue to intercede in my behalf, and as promised I am publishing my prayer for you glory and continuous support. Here I am publishing my prayers during my 9 hours Novena, and I am using this same prayer for my 9 days Novena . Today I am on day 5 of my Novena prayer.
” Blessed Saint Jude , glorious apostle and faithful servant and friend of Jesus, please intercede on my behalf so I will have the strength, energy , stamina and financial resource to help my family and loved ones. Keep me away from distractions and temptations, and help me focus on the task this coming several weeks, so I may accomplish all the planned things at work and at home.( here insert your request…)
Create peace , harmony, love between me and my loved ones, so we can work as a team for a better outcome.
Dear Saint Jude, I am here begging for you to help us overcome all our financial difficulties, as you are the patron of lost causes and miracle worker ( here insert you request…). To show my gratitude I promise that I will donate to charities in your name and in the name of our Lord Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph for the glory of God Almighty.
Saint Jude I ask you to intercede with our Lord Jesus and to invoke his healing power to work miracles for our physical and spiritual healing. Please heal my pet dog ( here the name of pet) and get rid of her hip , joint and muscle pain of what she is suffering from, and restore her body to good health.
Compassionate Saint Jude, I beg you to ask Jesus the merciful healer of the sick and injured , to restore me and my loved ones including my pet dog ( here your pet name) back to good physical health and give her stamina to be able to function and enjoy life fully.
Dear Saint Jude, I ask you to intercede with our Lord Jesus , help me and guide me to the right people who will be able to assist ( here your request), so my family can be united under one roof to support and help each other.
Dear Saint Jude , show me how to relate to my troubled teenager daughter, help me to provide the love and guidance that she needs. Take my teenager by the hand and lead her, keep her away from people in her life who are not beneficial for her succeeding in a better education and a better future. Keep her away from bad influences, and from temptations of the flesh , and have her confide in me when needed , for a mother`s love overcomes any obstacles and hardships. Keep my daughter safe, content and happy to become an honorable and successful member of the society , and when the time is appropriate to find her soul mate in a good husband who shares our Christian values.
Saint Jude please intercede for me and bless me with luck and make my faith in our Lord increase every day. Help me to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, ( your career here) , neighbor and generally a better person, to be able to touch people`s life in a positive way. Dear Saint Jude please keep the evil , envy, angry and aggressive people out of our lives, and should we face the evil give us the right attitude and tools to deal with it in a Christian and honorable way, to be able to protect ourselves and each other.
I pray for peace in our home , love in our hearts and joy in our lives.
Blessed Saint Jude , I honor you with special affection and devotion. Protect me and my loved ones in all circumstances, and may your help and consolation never cease. Obtain for me and my loved ones the grace of the Lord Jesus, Mary and Joseph and make it so that well being, prosperity, harmony and peace is installed in my home. As an expression of my affection and gratitude I promise you I will promote an authentic devotion to you and already from this moment on I infinitely give you thanks for all your blessings.
I pray with your intercession in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross so our sins may be forgiven. I pray that with your intercession and the intercession of all the Saints, Angels and Archangels my prayer should be heard and answered for the glory of God Almighty.
So be it. Amen.”
In my Novena prayer after this prayer I also pray as follows :
Apostle Creed
Our Father – 3 times
Holly Marry – 3 times
Glory be to the Father-3 times


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