Dearest Father Almighty,
Thank You for all the goodness You have bestowed upon me in my life. Father, I hope that You will continue to be with me and help me overcome the challenges ahead this term in my studies. Father, I have an important laboratory practical tomorrow. Please Lord, please be with me and help me to comfortably complete the worksheet on time with out panic and fear. Lord, have mercy on me and allow me to have faith throughout. Lord, I promise that I will make Your Name great. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please pray for me and allow to receive God’s grace for my university assessment tasks. Allow me to overcome my fears and please pray that this term will be a good one for me and I will be able to do excellently and receive good grades which will allow me to progress into the course of my dream. Please be with me and grant me hope. Thank you, Saint Jude.


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