St Jude, I ask that my daughter Tiffany Dawn Overbey Casillas will receive the medical help she needs at once. She needs an emergency surgery to remove a cancerous mass on her brain. She needs cancer treatments of radiation and other treatments. I ask that this cancer is not a metastasized cancer or spread to her spine, back, side or hip or leg. I ask that her cancer will be 100% curable. I ask for her complete healing of this cancer and for her to live and not die, I ask for her to live a long, healthy and happy life as a servant of Christ. I ask for a competent Dr to see her now and operate on her immediately and that the surgery will be successful with no complications. I ask that she will be seen by a new neurosurgeon at once and her surgery scheduled immediately.I ask that the obstacles that have been preventing her being seen & treated be removed and that she will now be made a priority. St Jude, you have never forsaken me, you have always came to my aid when I called on you, and I know you will not let me down now..Please intercede on behalf of my daughter Tiffany. I trust God with her very life and I trust you St Jude to do everything in your power to help her. I know you will and I promise to let everyone I can know what you have done for my daughter, I will publish this prayer and my thanks to you for interceding on behalf of Tiffany. Thank you St Jude , my precious patron Saint. May God bless you for your goodness for all eternity , In Jesus holy name I ask these things and give thanks to you and God for them coming to pass..Amen!

Cheryl Dawn Wilson

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