Dear St Jude. I just said my 1st St Jude Novena. I have 8 more days to go. The elevator is going to be down in my apartment building for months for repairs. I’m mobility-impaired & won’t be able to climb the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment. The management doesn’t care. I’ve written to my congresswoman, to no avail. The mayor doesn’t care because it’s not a city-owned building. My income won’t permit me to rent a market-rate apartment. I have my name on numerous other subsidized housing lists but the lists all have 5 yr waits. Please St Jude, pray for me. Ask God to give me the miracle of housing that MEETS MY MOBILITY NEEDS, I also need a place where NO ONE smokes (I’m a lung cancer survivor, but I still have COPD). I’m so scared. I can’t climb those stairs to my 3rd fl apt once that elevator comes down. And it’s going to be down a LONG time. I feel so hopeless, helpless, & desperate. Please pray for me dear St. Jude.


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