Last night (April 17 2019) about 7.40 pm, my 85 year-old aunt, who is living in a nursing home, suddenly had a fever. For her who has dementia, hypertension and recently recovered from a minor stroke, this is dangerous. To try to avoid my aunt being sent to hospital, the senior nurse advised that she had dispensed an aspirin and sponged her down. I set about praying an intensive St Jude Novena (x 9) and all three Mysteries of Our Lady’s Rosary (15 decades). I also prayed Mother Teresa’s instant Novena of the Memorare. At about 8.30 pm, the senior nurse at the nursing home called and told me that the fever in my aunt had subsided, and she’s stable and normal. I thank our Blessed Mother Mary and St Jude for instantly answering my prayers and my rosary devotions. For me, no prayer and no Novena devotion is left unheeded and unanswered. Today, Maundy Thursday, my aunt was able to carry on her activities normally and also went early in the morning for a Lab Test at the community clinic. Again, thanks to our Blessed Mother and St Jude.


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