A friend of mine was having some issues at her job and she asked me to pray for her to secure an interview for a job that she had applied for.

My friend soon secured an appointment for the job interview. On the night before the interview, she asked me to pray for her that she will be calm and composed during the interview because it is 10 years since she last attended a job interview. That night, I prayed an intensive St Jude Novena for her and I followed up the next day and continued for a few days.

A week later, my friend informed me that she was going to discuss the terms of employment with her new employer. Obviously, she got the job

She’s not a Roman Catholic but she realises that she was able to secure a job so fast, and it is a job she wanted badly, because I prayed for her. She is grateful that St Jude Novena worked wonders for her even though she is not a Roman Catholic.

St Jude, I also want to thank you for helping my friend and you have never failed me in most of my invocations. Thank you.


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