For Israel. Keep them safe and protected in your holy land. For the corruption of our evil government. St. Jude expose all that is going on in this country. Please St. Jude bring your light to it. For the conversion of sinners. All the souls suffering in purgatory. Charles, Sammy, Mike English, Charlotte and George Kahl. Lindsey please rest her soul with you God. For an END TO ABORTION. Now, I’m asking with holy boldness St. Jude, for myself. Lead me to financial freedom just so that we as a Catholic God loving family, can Please take a vacation together. Please St. Jude, it’s heavily weighing on my heart. These kids and us deserve time away together just to BE. PLEASE ST. JUDE answer that urgent request however you see fit, if it be God’s will. For Donald Trump to get elected. For all of Sts. Joseph and John students, priests, faculty and staff. St. Joseph, turn that school around. Jesus I trust in you. Our Lady protecttess of the faith protect our United States from attacks and harm. For Mrs. Driscoll to retire and Mrs. Tinerello. Amen


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