St. Jude Worker of Miracles, God has given you the special power to grant miracles for the desperate & hopeless. Please St Jude, I humbly come before you & ask from the bottom of my heart to grant me a wonderful miracle, a miracle which I’ve been praying for so long. I’m so desperate & feel so lost & alone. My heart is broken in two & I struggle everyday. I feel like a robot just going through the motions doing my everyday routines. I’m so sad when I wake up, because it’s just my dog & I. I’m sad throughout the whole day at work. I put on a false pretense, so no one knows, because I know after work I’m going to come home to an empty home, except for my dog. I don’t know how much more I can take of this. Please I beg of you, reunite Chris and I, we can start new, forget all past negativities & enjoy each new day being together & growing old together. I so very much miss my man of 11 yrs, my partner, my best friends & the love of my life, always & forever. I will thank you everyday & let it be known the special miracle you gave to Chris & I. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus & Holy St Jude for hearing my prayers. Amen


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