My Patron Saint, Saint Jude Thaddeus thank you for giving me a little by little chances to see the light and hope of my Prayers to you. The peace that you’ve been given and the directions of life and especially when in times that I feel worthless and no one to turn to. Give me the endurance and patience to wait for your time and promises for I know in your righteous time my prayers will be granted and it will be an overflowing blessings that I can also impart to others those who are also in need.

Please continue to guide me and my family especially my two kids for their health and studies. I want you dear Saint Jude Thaddeus to please intercede on my behalf as always especially for my financial distress (you know all of these).

I promise to devote my time with you thanking each day and waiting for your Miracles.

I love you My Saint Jude Thaddeus.

Thank you for your presence as I walk through this life.


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