Dear Saint Jude I finished my 9 day Novena on Monday. There are a lot of obstacles and decisions making in my life at this time. I am desperate and I am praying for miracles to see which decisions are the right ones. Work, family, finances are at the cross road where only your intercession will help me out from this desperate times. So many depend on me and I do not know if I have the strength and energy to do all the tasks ahead of me. I am begging for your help, and as promised I am publishing my loyalty , trust and faith in your power as my Saint Patron . Please continue to listen to my prayers and send me signs of hope that I am on the right path when I need to make decisions. In the name of our beloved Jesus Christ , all the Saints , Angels , Archangels I pray that with your intercession Saint Jude the Almighty God will hear and answer my prayers . Amen.


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