What you haves done for others, God, now do for me and more X3 ***
Jabez peayer x 45 bless me indeed, XXX / enlarge my territory, your hand be with me, keep me from evil, that I cause no pain *** *** *** *** ***
St. Matthew, I need help. Please intercede for me, that God will hear and answer my requests, if it be according to His will. Help me in my trouble intercede for me that my struggles find quick resolution. XXX. Thank You, Lord, XXX. St. Matthew, pray for me!
St. Jude, the situation I am in is impossible. with God, nothing is impossible. Intercede for me, that God would work a miracle if it be according to His holy will. Pray for me that I will have faith in God’s ability and willingness to work miracles in my life. XXX. Thank You, Lord, for For XXX. St. Jude, pray for me!
holy Saint Anthony, gentlest of saints, your love for God and charity toward all God’s creatures made you worthy, to possess miraculous powers. Miracles followed your word, you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or need. I plead you to grant my request. XXX. The answer to my prayer may require a miracle; you are the Saint of Miracles! gentle and loving St. Anthony, your heart always full of sympathy, whisper my plea to Holy Jesus, and my gratitude will always be yours.
Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Intercede with God for me that He bring visible and speedy help where help is despaired. Come to my aid in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my needs, troubles, and agonies, particularly give me XXX that I may praise God forever. I promise, Blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor granted by God.
St. Jude pray for us and hear our prayers.
Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Jude Thaddeus, in all the world and for Eternity.
God, Jesus, holy spirit, Archangels, Angels, Uriel, Ariel, Chamuel, Hamied, Sachiel, Haniel, Jeremia, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raziel, Sandalphon, Zadkiel, , Biracial Guardian Angel, remove all of the blocks of my prosperity, allow bundance to flood to me that I no longer worry. bless me in all things and phases of life, protect and keep me safe always and forever, please XXX XXX.
Hail Mary, X9 Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you; Blessed are you among women, and blessed is Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. *** *** ***
Mary Untier of Knots, known for “untying” the knots of conflict, sin, and confusion. Please untie the knots in my life, soul, relationships, and finances XXX. Help me to find a solution and to obtain the help I need. give me XXX. Thank You, Lord, for For XXX Mary, Untier of Knots, pray for me!
Immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus and my mother, I come to you confident in your powerful intercession, as your loving, trustful child I ask this favor. XXX and, a pure heart, that my entire life may give glory to God.
(Most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven. Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin, help me in my need. Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my mother. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly request from the bottom of my heart aid me in my need XXX. There are none that can withstand your power.
Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands.) X3 ***
Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and shows me how to reach my ideal, who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget all the wrong that is done to me. who is in my life always. I want to thank you for everything and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you. I want to be with you in your perpetual glory. To that end, submitting to God’s holy will, I ask from you, XXX
Jesus, Who has said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened,” through the intercession of Mary, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. XXX
Divine Jesus, I know You love me and would never leave me. I thank You for Your Presence in my life. I believe in Your promise of peace, blessings, and freedom from want. XXX I place everything in Your hands. Lord Jesus, may I always trust in Your generous mercy and love. I want to honor and praise You, now and forever.
Lord, You assure me the hairs on my head are numbered. You are with me, always take care of me, will not abandon or forsake me, You are a good Father. I bring the stress and worry I have and surrender to You. Because of my need, I am afraid, Help me to place my hope and future in You and move forward with hope. give me XXX.
Lord, you are aware that I require a miracle now, and I need XXX to XXX. Please bless me with kindness, generosity and XXX.
Dear Jesus, I have asked for many favors. This one is very special and urgent. give me XXX Take it, Jesus, and place it in your own heart, where your Father sees it.
Father, glorify Your name. Answer my cry, Lord, to achieve Your will XXX, it is best for all touched by this prayer
Please shine your light of hope and peace into suffocating shadows. Embrace me with love. Protect me with strength. guide me to those who can help XXX.
Lord Jesus, I offer up this and every day to You. Help me to walk the narrow path leading to eternal life with You. There is nothing I want more than to seek, know and love You all the days of my life. Give me the grace and courage to understand and follow Your orders and, when I fall short, give me the wisdom to repent without delay and accept Your forgiveness. I love You Lord and offer all my sufferings for the damages of sin committed against Your Most Sacred Heart. All the days ofmt life, give me the grace to love You.
Father, I come to you today with little faith. I want to believe you can do more than I ever imagined. I want to walk in faith. God, please bring a miracle into my life. I want to trust your promises. XXX
Father, I bow before you, just as I am now. I surrender my entire being before you, I accept you as my Shepherd, Savior, and Healer. Heavenly Father, please take charge of my life. Please heal, change, and strengthen me body, mind, and soul. Loving Father, forgive my sins, cover me with grace. Please fill me with joy, love, faith, and gratitude. Father, only You are the answer. In You I trust tis trouble will be solved by Your grace. I humbly ask, please let your glorious miracle befall me that I can XXX. Please bless me with XXX security. I promise to use XXX always for the right purpose. I love, praise, and I thank You You Lord. I shall follow You every day of my life.
God, please bring me a miracle. I know you can do the impossible. I trust your promises. Thank you for knowing my every need.
May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, praised, glorifies, and loved in all the tabernacles until the end of time.
Mary, conceived Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you X18 *** *** *** *** *** ***
Our Father X9 Father in heaven, sacred is your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give me XXX. Forgive my sins as I forgive those who sin against me. Lead me not into temptation deliver me from evil. Yours is the kingdom, power, and glory forever. *** *** ***
Glory be X9 Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. *** *** ***
Thank you XXX x12 *** *** *** ***
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,
Blessed be the name of his glorious majesty forever and ever.
In Jesus’ good and holy Name I pray

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