Deer Heart of Jesus, i thank you for the gift of a new day. I give you praises and honour and adoration. I do not take it for granted dear Heart of Jesus. I thank Holy Mother Mary and St. Jude for always interceeding fir my prayers. Thank you! Thank You!! Thank you!!!.
Today dear heart of Jesus I pray for myself and my children and extended family members.
I pray for son, Uwa to open doors of opportunities to be able to relocate to the US. I pray for Nowe and her family. I pray for Enibokun to also give opportunities to relocalt legally to U.S. UK or Canada. I pray for a companion from you dear Heart of Jesus. I pray for my mom and all my brothers and sisters and their families according to thier heart desires.
All these especially Uwa’s intentions I ask through Jesus CHRIST our Lord and with the intercession of Holy Mother Mary and St Jude. Amen

Lauretta Nekpen Isibor-Guobadia

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