Prayers ANSWERED!!!!!!
HALLELUJAH to St. Jude and Merciful God the Father for granting my 1000+ prayers!
PRAISE to the Lord Jesus for His Saving Grace during my spiritual quest to ‘touch’ His miraculous and healing robe!
GLORY BE to Our Blessed and Immaculate Mother Mary and the most holy apostle and powerful patron St. Jude for Their Intercessions that have NEVER BEEN KNOWN TO FAIL!
HAIL St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Peregrine, and St. Teresa (my special Saint from childhood) for Their prayers to The Lord Our God.
As promised, I am and will be ever mindful of this great favor and will always honor and praise GOD with all heavenly hosts forever.
Glory to God in The Highest.

Annellie Vallone

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