I pour out my soul to you very urgent, and humbly asking for your prayers to lift me up. I am feeling deeply disappointed, worried, and overwhelmed by the fear of not passing my board exam. This situation has left me feeling depressed and hopeless. I have experienced the pain of disappointing my family in the past. I always fail them every time I have a significant exam. I hope God will hear my petitions this time. I am afraid of failing them once again and carrying the burden of their unmet expectations. I ask for your intercession and prayers, believing that through God’s mercy and grace, I can overcome these. May the Lord grant me strength, guidance, peace of mind, and a positive outcome that I’ll see my name on the list of passers expected to release tomorrow April 25th. I believe in miracles and the power of God. I know He can do the impossible in my life, and I trust His promises. May God’s grace and mercy shine upon me. Amen.

Rhea Dela Vega

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