Dearest Father in Heaven,
Lord, during this period of my life, I struggle to believe and to have hope. Everything this year has not gone to plan and I have lost a lot in life. It seems that this year is a period of trials for me. Lord, I am worried that I have lost You and I actually cast my doubts every single day of my life. I fail to be grateful because I am lost and I am blinded by all the negative things that happen to me. Please allow me to find hope again and please allow me to have peace within my heart. Father, I ask You to please come to my life again. Please help me for my studies and please allow me to achieve high distinctions for my exams this coming weeks. I ask and pray with all the sincerity that I have that Father, I beg You to help me. Please allow me to have a retentive memory and please allow me to have great I understanding of everything that I read. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please tie me to hope and please allow me to be able to be hope to others. Please Saint Jude, release my anger from all the negativity and instead emit positivity. Please do not make me think that bad things will happen and please turn me away from sin. Please make me rebuke satan and turn me to God for providence. Amen.


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