Thank you St Jude for hearing and answering me always whether I knew it at the time of not. Also for the gift of this prayer which I say daily:

Most Sweet Lord Jesus Christ; In union with the unutterable praise which the holy trinity extolls upon itself, which thence flows upon your holy mother, and all the angels and saints; I praise glorify and bless you for your holy life, passion, cross and resurrection by which you set us free, and for the graces and privileges you have bestowed upon your good friend and chosen apostle St. Jude. Through his intercession come to my aid in all my needs and for the sake of his merits, deign to strengthen and protect me from all my enemies on this day you have made that we may rejoice and be glad, all days of my life and my final day. Amen. 3x Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be…


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