Dearest Father in Heaven,
Please provide me insight in the world that only You can give. Lord, I struggle right now with finding motivation. I feel different, Lord. I do not feel Your Presence this term. Please be with me and grant that I will be able to do extremely well for all my subjects and be able to strive and excel. Lord, please, I beg of thee to help me and please allow me to be able to have a retentive memory and be able to use it at the right time to answer all my examinations well and be able to excel. Father, most mercy, please give me a chance to regroup myself again and be able to score extremely well. Father, please be with me and help me to overcome and achieve. Lord, gave mercy. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Let university be my time to shine in the family. As I learn, please pray that God is by my side and that I will be able to have wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. Please help me and allow me to shine. Saint Jude, please give me hope. Amen.


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