Dearest Father in Heaven,
Lord I come to You today to ask that You may bless me with wisdom. Lord, I feel that I require Your wisdom to navigate my life and find out my purpose and intention. Please Lord, if I am meant to do good in my life and be a medical doctor, please guide me and help me to have success in this field. Father, I ask that You may bless me for my exams and assignment which are upcoming. I am sorry for all the sins that I have committed and want to go back to You. Lord, have mercy on me, I pray. Please be with me and please give me strength. Amen.

Saint Jude,
Please pray for me and allow me to have success from God and that I will be able to trust in Him and His power. Saint Jude, patron Saint for Hope. Please keep me hopeful and not allow me to sin again. Have mercy on me.


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