Dearest Father,
In my life, I go through many ups and downs. There are times I lost hope and belief which cause me to stop praying. I really hope that You are able to help me this time around and that You can lift my spirits. Father, I pray with a sincere heart that You are here for me and that You shall be able to provide me excellent marks for my essay which I have done for psychology and also for my mathematics assignment and the isats. Lord, with these, I will be one step closer to my dream. Please keep me faithful and also keep me motivated as I prepare for my examinations that are coming up in about one week. Help me, dear Lord and be with me so that I can have Your wisdom and also determination. If it is my path, Lord, let Your will be done. Amen.

Dear Saint Jude,
Please help me now and intercede on my behalf. Please dear saint, you are recognised as the patron saint for difficult and hopeless cases. I am a hopeless case and I pray that you will be able to be there for me and grant me your intercession. You were one of the chosen apostles of Jesus and I know that God, the Father, will listen to you because of your connection with His Beloved son. Please come to my aid and help me, Saint Jude. Amen.


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