Dearest Father,
My exams are next week and it will continue until the second week of May 2024. Lord, I pray that You will shine light into my life and guide me as I prepare for my examinations. Please do not allow me to procrastinate. Rather, create in my motivation and strength to be attentive and make good with whatever I have. Lord, I pray that You will bless me from heaven with a retentive memory and a strong understanding of everything that I have to read and understand. Please allow the examinations to be something that I am ready and something that I know I will be raised up. Lord, I turn to You now for Your blessings. Please be with me, Lord and be my light. May You be glorified forever. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
You are my patron saint. A saint for hope is always needed in life. Saint Jude, I am sorry for not being a person who kept my promise. I want to change and want to do better. Please help me now and allow me to have God’s Blessings. Please Saint Jude, please pray that God will be with me and not let me be in doubt anymore. Allow me to know my purpose in life. Amen.


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