Dearest Lord,
Father, please come to my aid right now and be with me. Father, I really need Your providence at this moment because everything is coming in so fast and I am unable to handle it all at once. Father, I pray with a sincere heart that Your mercy can be bestowed upon me and that I will at the end of the day be raised up by You. Lord, please come to my aid and please help me overcome and achieve. Please ensure that I will be completing my essay for psychology well and good and it will be my best work that I ever did for psychology. Lord, I ask that You will help me for my mathematics as well and my test on 6th November. I really need Your favour, Lord. Please grant me peace and Your blessings. Amen.

Saint Jude,
patron saint, I ask you for your intercession at this moment. You are known to be the saint to help all desperate cases. I am a hopeless one, Saint Jude. I hope that you will be able to pray for me so that God will be able to guide me through my difficulties and at the end of the day, I will be able to do extremely well for my tasks at hand. Saint Jude, please give me your great help and please be with me at this time. I know that Jesus and God will will listen if you ask. I know that if more pray on my behald, God will come and He will rescue me from my current predicament. Please help me. Amen.


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