Dearest Father,
Easter was a bad day for me. While I backed the car, it accidentally hit the pillar behind me and now, there are scratches and a potential dent on the car. I fear Lord that I will be scolded and I fear Lord that I am forsaken by You. Father, I have sinned against You many times, made You countless of promises and failed to honour my word. Father, I pray that You will still help me again for my studies and not forsake me for this. Allow me to be able to score well and top my cohort. Please do not forsake me for this, O Lord. Father please be by my side and ensure that everything will turn out well and that I can achieve and prosper. Please allow me to be raised up and that I can do well in my exams. Lord, have mercy. Amen.

Dearest Saint Iude,
Please pray for me. Help me to receive help. Patron Saint for Hope, I can honestly say that I am hopeless. I have lost hope and because of this I truly doubt God’s presence. I really hope that You may help me. Please allow me to find this hope again. If it is in my path before I have sinned, please Saint Jude, pray for me and ask the Lord to bless me for my studies and allow me to have success. Amen.


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