Dearest Father in Heaven,
I am here again to ask and seek Your guidance and blessings for my tests this week. Father, I found out after the test on Monday that I have made many careless errors and now, I am worried that I am unable to do as well as I could. Father, in Your mercy, I pray with a sincerely heart that You will be able to respond to me and that You can bless me with success in my examinations and the test tomorrow. Lord, I am weak and I feel alone. I hope that You shall be able to be with me and that You can help me to overcome and achieve the fruits of my labour. Allow me to always check my answers and not be overly eager to submit the paper. Please allow me to be more cautious and help me to understand all the content well before I go for any test and examination in the future. Father, I ask that You may help me also with the psychology essay I have submitted, the mathematics assignment which I did and also with the aptitude test that I have done last week. Please do not leave me behind. Rather, Lord, please raise me up and allow me to feel Your peace. Father, I promise You that I will repay Your goodness and that I will ask to clean the Church building and be grateful for Your blessings. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
I pray that you may help intercede on my behalf and ask the Lord to provide for me. I know that with your intercession, the Lord will listen and that He will come to my aid. Thank you, Saint Jude.


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