Dearest Father,
Please look out for me and allow me to be guided by You. Lord, I am worried for my mid term tests. I am afraid that I will not do well. Father, I pray with a sincere heart that You may bless me from Heaven and that You will be able to let me rise up to the occasion and be able to do well and good. Lord, please bless me and ensure that I will be able to score a high distinction today and be able to excel for my tests next week as well. Father, please have mercy on me. Ensure that things will be better for me during the second half of the term and that I will be able to enjoy and bask in Your love and guidance. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please pray for me and ensure that the Almighty will bless me from Heaven and that I will be able to excel and score. Saint Jude, your are the patron Saint for hopeless cases. I am in great need of your help and prayer. Please ensure that the Lord will take pity on me and that He will raise me up. Amen.


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