Dearest Father,
Today is the day. Lord, my heart is pounding and beating like it has never done before. As I await my results today Lord, I am thankful for all You have done for me. Father, please grant me peace in this time and allow me to know that all will be well. Father, I sincerely ask You for Your Grace to be able to excel and be able to get a high distinction for both of my subjects. I know that it is possible, Lord and I hope that You will give me this blessing. Father, I put my faith in You and I hope that You will allow me to prosper. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please pray for me this day and allow the Lord to come into my life. Saint Jude, I struggle with challenges and doubts. Please allow me to attain peace today and be happy. Saint Jude, I know that God has given you great gifts and ones where He will bless those that You intercede for. You were chosen by Jesus for a reason. I know that He will come to my aid if you pray for me. Please be with me now and help me. Amen.


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