Dearest Father in Heaven,
Thank You, Lord for everything You have given me. Please be with me now as I am about to finish off my last week of the term before my examinations. Please help me this week with all my tests and ensure that I will be able to do extremely well for them. Father, grant me peace in my heart and help me to focus and achieve. Father, I ask that You will be able to be there fore me and that You will help guide my thoughts and mind. Please do not let me doubt but rather have full confidence in You. Please provide for me, Father and let me be free. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Thank you, dear Saint for helping all those in need of hope and blessings for impossible cases. Please help me now as I prepare for my tests this week and allow me to finish off my last week of school with zest and also confidence that God will raise me up. Saint Jude, please pray for me and allow me to do well for my 2 tests this week and also my assignments and tests that I have completed last week. Please help me to conquer and achieve. Saint Jude, please pray for me. Amen.

Mother Mary, please pray for me. Amen.


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