Dearest Father in Heaven,
Please watch out for me and allow me to attain peace. Father, I am worried for my examinations today. Please help me to overcome this fear and please allow me to remember all that I have read. Lord, I am sorry for my sins and I really hope that You will still seek by me and give me support. Lord, I beg You to be with me today. Please shed light upon me and give me hope and support. Father, I need You. Please raise me up. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please allow me to have hope. I am sorry Saint Jude for my wrongdoings. Please pray for me and make thus impossible case possible. Please help me to overcome the challenge I have today and allow me to top my cohort. I am really worried that I will fail. Please be with and help pray that the Lord will rescue me. Amen.


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