25 Jan 2019

I had an invocation to St Jude for approval of a legal document to help look after a very aged, close relative.

I started the St Jude Novena on 25 Oct 2018 and, every day, I have fervently prayed this Novena. I also prayed the Memorare and the Rosary to Our Lady asking for intercession that my application will be approved. More prayers surely help.

The forwards-and-backwards of the submission of documents is still going on but I have received word that approval was granted on 22 Jan 2019. The final document is expected in mid-Feb 2019 and I am still praying for that to manifest.

I knew at the start that this application is a long, difficult and tedious process and I was not going to relent because I am determined to continue helping this elderly person. So I figured that my answer is to pray to St Jude and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour for their Divine Intervention to help me get approval for this document.

I am a Catholic daughter, always trusting in prayers, Novenas, Rosary devotions,


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