Dear St. Jude, please grant this miracle of healing I am fervently praying to you because my elderly father is suffering from metastatic cancer. Please remove this cancer and all tumors in his body urgently. Please take away all the pain he is feeling from the side effects of his treatments urgently. Please heal his body. Please have mercy on him. Have pity on him, St. Jude. Only God can heal him and this is only going to happen if God will allow it to happen. I am begging you to please help me pray to our dear God that my prayer request about the complete healing of father will be granted soon. Please don’t let us lose our hope. Please don’t let us be afraid to keep praying for the impossible. Please help us. We are so helpless right now and we do not know what to do. Please help my father in this very difficult time of our lives. Please heal my father. Keep him happy, safe, full of hope, please restore his health. I also pray for my mother, me, my husband, my children, my brothers and their families, that all of us will be healthy and will be blessed to live longer. Please don’t let anyone gets sick. Please don’t forget my father. Please heal my father asap. Thank you so much. I love you very much. Amen.


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