St. Jude, I humbly come before you to pray for my 4 year old grand-niece, Irie Pi`ilani Lorenzo who was born with chromosomal abnormalities which causes her to live with numerous ailments including heart defect, being immune compromised, hydrocephalus (excess water around her brain), hearing & vision impairments, a club foot, kidney problems, being oxygen dependent, needing a feeding tube because she cannot eat by mouth & countless surgeries and hospitalizations to correct these unfortunate circumstances. And now she had yet another surgery to have a tracheostomy placed through her airway. We pray for healing mercy over Irie that she will be healed from the inside out. I pray for Irie?s young parents, Randon Lorenzo and Tiana Savedra who works hard and tirelessly in making sure that Irie gets the best medical care. Pray that Randon and Tiana through their great efforts will be able to provide a Kangen medical grade water system that would give Irie the best chance at living a quality life. St. Jude, please hear our prayer. Amen

R. Maria for the Lorenzo and Savedra Ohana

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