Dearest Father,
Lord, this week is the most important time of my term. It is my examinations period and today will be my first exam. Father, I pray that You will be able to be with me and help me especially in the decisive moments of the three examinations that I require to take. Lord, please enable me to have a retentive memory and also the ability to think well and good under pressure. Do not make me complacent. Rather, allow me to always check my work and review them one more time before submitting the papers. Father, in Your mercy, please raise me up and deliver me from these challenges. I promise You, Lord, that I will be faithful and also, I will be good. Father, remove any curse from me and please give me another opportunity at redemption. Lord, have mercy. Amen.

Dear Saint Jude,
Please help me to do the impossible and be able to do extremely well for my examinations this term. Please allow me to be able to get high distinctions for my examinations and at the end of the day, bring God glory. Amen.


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