My invocation to St Jude was that my legal application to look after my aunt will be approved.

My aunt is 85 year old, single, demented, and has a host of common geriatric medical issues.

As I am a niece and there was no closer kin to see to my aunt, it was not easy and not straightforward for me to get this legal document because my aunt is financially self-supporting and I could be wrongly “viewed” as an opportunist. So I had to prove to the Court that I sincerely, with integrity and honesty, want to take care of my aunt, and I am not after her pot of gold.

Everyday since 13 January 2019, I fervently prayed St Jude Novena, the Rosary to our Lady and the Memorare, asking for intercession that my legal application to help my aunt will be approved. More prayers surely help.

The forwards-and-backwards submitting additional documents went on for nearly 6 weeks.

On 22 Jan 2019, I got news that my application was approved but I had to submit more documentation. This I did.

The final Court Order was received in early March 2019. It was a load off my mind and I am mentally prepared to carry this Cross and see to it that my aunt is well taken care of in her old age.

Always trust in prayers, Novenas, Rosary devotions.


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