St. Jude, please join us in prayer to God, in the most holy and mighty name of Jesus Christ for the approval of our family visa application to Canada. We have many red flags, but we expect to receive approval because God is with us throughout this journey. Please help me to overcome my fears and anxiety. Please help me to strengthen my faith in God that everything will be okay, that I am not fighting this battle but He is. Please help me not rely on my own thoughts and understanding, that God is ABLE, BIGGER, and in CONTROL of all of these! St. Jude, help my family and me, please help us to fully trust in the LORD. I know and believe that He is with us throughout and even with me in the midst of this struggle in my head. Help me to feel Him, and let Him in my heart. Help me to put God first in everything, and every time. My Lord, my God, Jesus Christ is my only strength. I need Him more than anything. I know when we have him, we have everything that we need. Please help us, St. Jude, help us be closer to God. Amen


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