Hello, My name is Lisa. I want the world and every soul out there to know how Saint Jude’s Novenas prayed by me twice a day faithfully have changed my entire life. I promise to try to be brief, but it is a story that must be told for all to understand the power Saint Jude has been bestowed by God
I was married to a very bad man. I did not know it during our meeting and dates, etc. He stole from me. I had a very nice home and automobile. He had to control the money that I made. He could not keep a job. I worked very hard and made a nice living. I had to deposit my paychecks and he then took control of my bank account. He said that he was paying all the bills, but he was not. He was going to Atlantic City at least once a week, sometimes twice. He did cocaine and I later found out that he would go to Atlantic City and do that and stay up all night gambling. I don’t believe in drugs. I was raised Catholic. I’m not a prude or abnormal. I drink wine occasionally. But all of my pay we be gone as soon as I could make it. He told me he paid the bills but after about two years of married, maybe longer because of COVID, my house was going into foreclosure. My very nice car I had paid cash for and I loved it. I never even parked it next to other cars, was taken by him and sold.
So he is what happened next. He wanted me to sign my title over so he could sell my car for cash. I refused and ran after him up the stairs. I went to grab the title and that’s when he shoved me hard down the stairs. I broke my back at L4-L5, and sustained head trauma. He didn’t even take me to the hospital. He brought me a sandwich and a soda in bed where he had taken me. Twenty one days went by. I had a pen next the the bed and makes the days on my white bed frame. Eventually I made it down the stairs to my phone. I knew he probably had not paid the bill, but it still let me call 911. They came and took me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with a broken back and both short term and long term memory loss I had my back fused and was sent to a rehabilitation center to learn to walk again. I worked incredibly hard. While I was there I somehow read about Saint Jude and found out that he is the Saint of the impossible and of the hopeless and desperate. I read all I could. I prayed the novenas morning and night and talked to him all throughout the day.
I went from being bed bound with a Foley catheter to urinate to now walking and being able to lift laundry bags etc. I can walk six miles in a day if I have to.
I ended up meeting a man just a friend at the rehab. He was able to get his friend who he was going back to live with to let me stay there. I cook, clean, do laundry, clean cars,garages and wait on both man and the home owners five year old son. But I have been dealing with it because I have nowhere else to go. I’m basically their slave. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. Both men I have found out steal, do drugs and are basically not good people But because I have been looking for a job I have had no choice but to stay here. The homeowner is very mean and talks to me and the other man from rehab like we are dogs. He actually treats his dog better. However, this is just a short term obstacle and I don’t give up. I pray and talk to Saint Jude and God all day. They think I’m crazy but who are they to say. I don’t do it in front of them but the one man knows that I pray and now so does the other. My memory has fully returned. I’m back to normal except for a subtle limp that I hide and I still hold on to go up and down stairs to be cautious.
So now I have been applying for jobs since I have been here. I was a Speech-Language Pathologist and can return to that but I need about 800$ to retake the PRAXIS exam and for state licensure. But today I received my orientation date for Walmart in three days. I’m a saver and will pay the man the 600$ for two months rent so far and any other money. He charges me 11$ for dinner a night. He also takes us to eat at different restaurants during the day because the other man has to drive because the boss drinks twisted tea all day and night. I must go to take care of his son, so I will have to pay him back for the cost of those meals as well. The good news is I won’t be around for his day escapades any longer because I will be working and can pack half of my 11$ dinner from the night before for lunch. So I am a saver and have already found a very reasonable apartment 1.2 miles from Walmart. So eventually I will pay him his money owed so he will let me leave and get the apartment. I long to be left alone from the two men. I dream of getting a tortishell calico cat called Torties for short because a few years ago I had one that died from old age and I still miss her so.
So thanks to Saint Jude and my perseverance, I now have hope of being free and away from them. No one will know my apartment address, I can promise you that.
In all I just want to do what Saint Jude asks of us who pray to him as hopeless as we are for what seems impossible. I’m living proof that if you believe and trust in Saint Jude he will intercede and ask God our father to grant you the impossible!! So please pray to God and talk to Saint Jude and pray his novenas. Because I am living proof that he is listening!! God bless everyone this touches. Most sincerely Lisa

Lisa Michele Hennessey

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