Please touch Ricos heart heal him fully and him forgive me fully and reconcile completely let him recognize all the changes I have made and continue to make, help him to realize how sorry I truly am and how much I just want to love and be with him and have our family back together again. Let us partake of the sacrament of marriage in the Holy Church and serve God as a family. Let him recognize how much he loves and wants me and our family back together again. Let him come to me and love me and completely forgive me and reconcile fully. Let us build a stronger relationship that’s is completely brand new and better than it ever has been and live our happily ever after for the rest of our lives. Let us reconcile and heal faster than we expect. Let us be back together before the new year. Also don’t let Rico stop loving me or caring me. Please help my children see I really do mean what I say and I love them. Please help us Saint Jude with these and our other petitions


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