St jude: My wife and I got cancer at the same time in 2010. My wife died of pancreatic cancer in nov 2014. I should have only been out of work for 6 months with mine but it lasted 3 years. I allowed my company to lay me off innov2013 to take care of my dying wife. they promised me a job after she died but I had nothing in writing so they went back on their word. I hired many friends,relatives and helpers to care for us but most of them stole fom us and they want nothing to do with me now. My daughter developed an underage drinking problem she is now over but dropped in and out of colleges costing me 70k including wrecking her car. my son wrecked my car earlier in the year. I have a small pension and health care from a previous employer and good health care and ss disability. But I have lost some money on bd investments and gambling. please god let me find the way of the lord and help with my depression and money problems. I have spent my life savings on everything. Companies won’t hire me because I am too old with a disability.


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