Dearest Father,
As I prepare for my upcoming examinations, I hope that You can and will be there to guide me through this period. Lord, I really pray that I am that mustard seed and You will help me to grow to be strong and useful. Father, I did not do well enough for my other assessments such as my chemistry test and my psychology essay. I really hope that the final examinations will be the time I would be able to shine and achieve. Father, please bless me and allow me to attain extremely good scores so that I will be able to transfer into medicine. And Father, I hope that You will raise me up and shine some light into my life. Please allow me to prosper. I promise to be good and be glory to Your name. Amen.

Saint Jude,
dear saint, please pray for me and allow me not to lose faith. Help me to trust in the Lord and believe that He will aid me and come at this most desperate moment. Saint Jude, I ask that You will intercede for me and allow me an opportunity to make do and have light in my life again. Amen.

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Saint Jude. Amen.


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