Dear St. Jude,

Thank you so much for listening to my prayers for my sister P*****, and my friend S** regarding their very serious health issues. They are both doing very well, and grateful their treatments were so successful.

Thank you as well for listening to the Novena for my brother, F***, as prayed by the Claretians. I have not heard how he is doing, but I know that he has not been abandoned.

And lastly, thank you for hearing my prayers regarding my finances. I have been surviving by the skin of my teeth, but it looks as if the added position at work will help me; i just pray i have what it takes inside me to carry through with my new responsibilities. I ask for your continued intercession for my continued employment.

I hope that my thanks as published here, will encourage others to pray their own Novenas to you, and that their prayers will be answered as were mine.



G. P.

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